Induction Cooking in SF and Reality

sf/reality year author title quote note
reality ~ 1900 First patents
reality ~ 1955 First demo models
sf 1971 Rolf Ulrici Raumschiff Monitor: Geheimer Start (I'll have to check whether the book is still in my parent's basement) Professor Charivari puts a kettle with cold water on his wooden desk and pours boiling water into the tea pot a few minutes later. Superhirn speculates that he might have used microwaves to heat the water, but induction seems much more likely.
reality 2012 Patrick Dax "Home Heroes": Die Haushaltshelfer der Zukunft

Der Tisch "Kopa" ist unter der Holzoberfläche durchgehend mit Induktionsspulen bestückt. Die Kochzonen können frei gewählt werden.

While this is a design study, it is possible to build it with current technology.

A stove with a wooden surface is almost exactly like Ulrici described it in 1971.

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